Julian Assange for having the guts to divulge the dirty secrets of America, Inc.

Uri Avnery for saying the king has no cloths on

Andrew Bacevich for his contribution to de-Bushification

Zbigniew Brzezinski for the unmatched clarity of his strategic outlook

Noam Chomsky for his unwavering engagement on the side of all that's decent and just

Robert Fisk for his Middele East expertise and honesty, and
  Tariq Ali, for his expertise and honesty farther downrange, and other worthy activities

Thomas Frank

Scott Horton

Lewis Lapham for the intelligence and the unmatched elegance of his writing

John Mearsheimer for the slaying of the sacred cow

Daniel Mermet for running a show that deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, which it will never receive

Pascale Pascariello

François Ruffin

Shlomo Sand for replacing historical fiction with historical reality

Stephen Walt for holding the sacred cow by the horns so that Mearsheimer could slay it

Slavoj Žižek for being a prolifically original thinker and straight shooter


    Giordano Bruno for being first to say religion was for the stupid

    Simone de Beauvoir for her sharp eye and for referring to "joyless carnival"

    Samuel Johnson for his intelligence, poise, wit, and straightforward down-to-the-groundness

    Ettore Majorana for discovering the neutron and the neutrino and not bothering to take the credit

    Herman Melville for being one of the two best American authors

    George Orwell for showing the horror of totalitarianism

    John Ruskin for showing the glory in the Stones of Venice, and for teaching Proust how to write poetic prose

    Bertrand Russell for his uncommon intelligence and blazing clarity of his thought

    Fra Paolo Sarpi for being first to publically tell a pope to get lost

    Marquise de Sévigné pour en être au désespoir quand elle voyait des gens heureux sans raison

    Mark Twain for his wit and for being one of the two best American authors

    Virginia Woolf for being actually better than Joyce